Voxel Planets !

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Voxel Planets !

Post#1 » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:29 am

While working on asteroids, we came up with a little surprise for you :)
Introducing destructible full-size planets !

While making the voxel system for our asteroids we optimized it so it doesn't have any size limit.

That being said, why not use the same system for planets ?!

This was not planned in the beginning, but now that it's possible, why not ?

It will then be possible to dig underground caves to mine resources.
Hence the gameplay for mining will change and most resources will now be found underground.

Since everyone loves explosions, you'll be able to use explosives to make bigger holes :D

This will also allow planets to receive asteroid impacts and see persistent craters.

Our system is different from most voxel engines in that instead of having a defined voxel grid that is present from the beginning with all voxels, we have a rather dynamic system that only shows modifications on the terrain.

The terrain keeps the same procedural engine to create the base mesh with LOD, but we add holes from the voxel database before rendering the final mesh.

Maybe we shouldn't call it "voxel", but that's how everyone understands the resulting feature...
Our "voxel" database is an array of voxels, each consisting of a position and a radius.

Basically, size doesn't matter anymore !
If you create a very big explosion, only one "voxel" is created and is added to the mesh as a crater of the specified radius.
This makes the system very light although the planet is huge with lots of craters and caves.

You should be able to dig say a tunnel through a mountain, or dig all the way through the planet !
Some planets will have a magma mantle though...

Now to give you a glimpse the underground, I give you three screenshots !




What do you think of the idea ? :P

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