Colonizing planets

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Colonizing planets

Post#1 » Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:41 pm

Hi. First I want to congratulate the devs of this game for the amazing videos showing the state of the game so far. Its a great idea a game like this. An idea that I always hoped someone would develop one day in a game.
Just one thing, I was wondering if it would be possible, since you can land in planets, if it would be possible to create colonies or outposts on planets? And will they be inhabited by NPC characters or have any kind of population? And what about NPC ships, I mean, that the player can give orders and send them to trade or fight in other sectors or even conquer enemy colonies and ships? Would be that concept inside this game? And another thing what about planet terraforming? I think would be great to see the changes In this game engine in the planets changing from desert or barren to earthlike planets that can have more population and atmosphere that the characters and the population can breathe. What you think about all that?

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Re: Colonizing planets

Post#2 » Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:00 am

Thank you for your suggestions :)

You will be able to create outposts on any planet with a solid ground.
That also includes the "solid" bottom of an ocean :mrgreen: .
There will be no limit on the size of the outpost. That means you can actually build cities !

For NPCs, it will only be non-intelligent aliens, some will be passive, others will try to eat you.
We are making this game with a certain philosophy that we believe is very important.
This is a multiplayer simulation and we want it to feel real.
Hence, intelligent beings in a multiplayer environment should only be other players.
However, it might be possible to install autopilots on many spaceships and send them remote commands.

As for terraforming, it's a very good question/suggestion.
However, there are many planets, it would be much simpler to just find another one that is more habitable.
The whole survival idea is to try to survive in a hostile environment, if everything is perfectly habitable, where's the fun ?
But I will not forget this suggestion, we might still come up with something cool related to terraforming :D

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