Introducing ZOlivier and Galaxy4D's Dev History

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Introducing ZOlivier and Galaxy4D's Dev History

Post#1 » Sun Aug 16, 2015 5:01 pm

Hello people of earth,

My name is Olivier (Call me ZOlivier), I live in Canada, 26 years old, 12 years of experience in programming.

My passions are Astrophysics, science, computer programming, simulators and aviation.
I have my pilot's license and I own a 1976 Beechcraft Sundowner 180.
But my dream is to give life to Galaxy4D.

The idea of a space simulator dates back to 2010.
We found the name Galaxy4D in 2011 and started testing different technologies.

In the beginning we tried different game engines including CryEngine and Unreal.
But we've had issues with these engines, they were not flexible enough for what we wanted, they were made for fixed maps of a few kilometers. We needed more control.

We then wanted to do everything in C++ / OpenGL. The game needed to be cross-platform.
But managing the cross-compatibility for such a game would be too complex to do in C++, hence a better idea : The server would be in C++, and the game/client in Java/LWJGL.

After our first tests all seamed to go well but for two problems : The server would only work on Linux, and the client would give us difficulty with certain graphics cards, for LWJGL is basically working directly in OpenGL in the lowest level without any automation.

It's in 2013 that we found Unity3D.
This engine allows a huge cross-platform support without limiting the possibilities.
In other words, it allows us to use Unity3D only for 3D rendering, and focus on programming the inner workings of our game without limitation.

Hence we converted all our scripts to C# and the server is now integrated to the game, which allows to play Solo.

For two years we worked on the concept with Unity3D, we wanted to prove it was doable.
After solving most technical challenges and after we knew it was possible, we then announced Galaxy4D to the public in July this year.

The core of the engine being done, now all we have to do is the gameplay and improve the graphics :)

We are very motivated and confident about this project.

We have our own philosophy with 5 commandments :
  • Immersion before interface

  • It's a simulator, not an arcade game

  • No skybox ! If you can see it you can touch it

  • WYSIWYP : What You See Is What You Play

  • No loading screen nor visible transitions

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